Monday, August 23, 2010


re-do the stupid t-shirt.
need to do a shirt using the clipping mask to create the stripes.
plasket, tucks on sleeve - grey shadow to indicate which way it goes.
don't forget - tab and tucks.
do shapes of shirt then copy and paste, so that the DDS stays nice and clean.
Use divide tool to make sure we can do each of the stripes that go in different directions.
Buttons - draw circles and use align (next to pathfinder) to get each of these in line.
Use align and distribute to make these even.

striped business shirt.
polo shirt collar - collar only!
put print on shirt.

symbol library needs
- ribbed collar
- polo collar
- buttons

to change zipper colour - duplicate zipper brush - grab and pull into illustrator.
then you can alter the artwork, including colour

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