Monday, August 30, 2010

Drawing jacket in class

Has to be step by step
Base step and then add to it so - collar and actual shape of jacket.
Sleeves sit behind, but everything else is floating on top.
Don't forget jacket shadows - these little details are important.
Make a shadow shape and put it into the symbol library.
Notice - cuff uses clipping mask. Doesn't matter what stripe is in it, but can just do it in illustrator.
Good for DDS - has contrast of rolled up sleeved and long sleeve. Show each of these views.
2 separate front views.

New - zooms!!!!
Doesn't have to be hand drawn any more to show little details.
Just copy and paste whole garment, do a circle and make a clipping mask, then enlarge and now you have a zoom.

Have to make an illustrator striped shirt!!!!!!!
This is the last week of drawing and homework.
Have everything finished by next week.

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