Monday, August 9, 2010

Assessment one

Starts today - similar to DDS folder - something done in class, something done for homework.
Combine this and create an A4 reference folder - presented in a professional way.
One A4 folder and a CD.
This has to be easy to understand! Each title written, week.
Folder in one orientation - e.g. all portrait. Make it easy for the person who is reading this.
Work done in class, physical garment taken in by Lea.
For homework - take photos of garment front and back, has to be actually showing the garment, no pixels, no blurry photos. Correspond with what you draw!
Always label front back side and specific areas that need to be pointed out, eg zoom.
Need a black and white sketch and a coloured sketch - no zoom on coloured.
Quality and accuracy is the aim, proportion etc.

Digital DDS library disc - has digital sketch library
- digital sketch reference library
- Brush library
- Symbol library
- Swatch library
- 1 combined PDF file of all of your DDS folder.
These need to be filed nicely.

Week 2 - 2 DDS drawings - the shorts and a pair of pants of your own choice.
These don't have to be printed at a printer, just at home is fine.
Remember - you can always fix up your earlier drawings later in the term.

Last week - to close the pen tool, click on black arrow and click outside - simple.

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