Monday, August 9, 2010


New layers - pants and shorts, one with rulers and guides - view --> ruler -->view rulers. Put in new guides at waist, bust CF and CB.
Always start at CF - we are only drawing half of the short.
Use pen tool - a few pointers - when the green line is showing, that means that you are in line with the previous point. This means you can make the lines perfectly straight!
Don't put the CF point straight on the CF line - a little to the side.
Remember - DDS is just a series of shapes, overlapping. We create the main silhouette first, the half of the DDS needs to be copied and flipped.
Object -->transform -->reflect - default is exactly what we need! Press copy (not ok) and drag it to where we want it.
To join crotch area - use shift to select both of these points at the crotch - right click and choose join.
Make sure every layer other than the shorts and pants layer is locked.
To fill - unselect the little red line across the fill button, make sure that the area is selected and choose a colour - I went with white.

Next - waistband. We need to draw another shape.
Make sure you lock the pants - object to lock to selection.
Now - pen tool to draw the waistband - just straight on the top, follow shapes.
Draw CF seam - problem, can't go through waistband. Right click on Waistband - arrange, bring to front.
Object - unlock all - then we can move the pants where we want.

To draw stitch lines - go to stroke - go to pen tool. For hem, draw one line the height you want it at. Check Dashed line box on stroke area.
And ta-da! Stitching lines. So damn easy. Can define how big we want the dash.
Make sure we do the cap thing - little button under the stroke size.

Back is just copied and pasted with front detail deleted.
Need to draw drawstring. Pen tool and so forth. Do a circle with a squiggly line over it, for the knot.
To select and move an entire segment, black arrow, select the segment.
To alter lines after this, double click into this and then change using white arrow.
To group things (layer within a layer) right click and select group.
To copy and paste - select line of stitching, alt shift and drag. Shift makes this come down directly.
Extend ends using white arrow.
Just attach this to the pants.

For homework - front and back done of shorts - short cut - group segments of the lines and group them, then copy and paste.
Also - pair of pants.
2 pt for outline, 1 pt for inside.

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