Monday, August 2, 2010

First day back

Digital DDS - same rules as illustration DDS apply, send to pattern maker, has to be accurate.
Include description, closures, seams, top stitching - basically to show how everything works.
Divide long centre lines - start at waist band - use template... etc.
The only difference being that these DDS drawings can be coloured in, can put prints on.
These are exact copies, fabric etc.
Ways to use DDS - how it is used in the industry.
Presentation sheets - basic design, digital DDS and hand drawn. Digital used to show colour, patterns and proportions.
Range board and range sheets - gives an idea how the entire range fits together. Can be used in presentations to the client. Technical information.
Look book - books for designers selling to buyers - fashion picture with basic DDS next to it.
Spec sheet - plain, black and white, technical. Very detailed, accurate, non stylised. Sent to factory to give specifications. DDS then lots of information - instructions for the maker. Sizes, buttons etc. Used by everyone in the company - production, designer, pattern maker, digital designer, reference. So it has to be accurate.
Costing sheet - goes with spec sheet - everything must be here, thread, cost of fabric, cost of fusing - everything. Everything that goes under garment. How long it takes to make, all costs together - triple cost. Generally has an image on it just to make everything clear. Cost sheets are very private.
Trend prediction books - more stylised DDS, put in presentations. Basic indication of silhouette, style, feel of the season's garments. Sometimes used on websites.
Merchandising plans - gives an idea of how the shop will look.
Commercial patterns - also used on pattern instructions.

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