Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In design

In in design, can work out where we want to place images, and this will wrap the text around it.  Block out where you might like things to go.

Look at size of image frames, create artoboards that fit dimensions.

Save as eps or llustrator, use art boards clicked, save to desktop, each artboard will be saved separately.

File place or apple d, place each individually.
Links, next to layers and pages, links back to the illustrator files.

Open image in photoshop, make sure it is in CMYK.  ALWAYS.

Image frame and image itself are different.  Image frame is blue boundary box, can change size of boundary box, but it doesn’t change the size of the image.  To change image, go over big round circle in the middle, click and get a brown boundary box.  This can be manipulated to fit image.  E is shortcut to free transform.
Window, text wrap, can wrap around bounding box or around the shape itself.

How to export for print and how you save it.

First, make sure all the links are ok.  Check if there are errors, there will be a reminder in the bottom left corner.
File --> Package - gives us reminders about what is bad, what's using RGB.  Fix, then hit package, save to desktop or computer etc.  Then, there is a folder, with links, fonts.  Keep this file in the same place ALWAYS.
File--> export, pdf print, save to the same place as file, press quality is hightest, click all printer marks, use document bleed, 3 mm.  What you get is the final document, ready to print, back to back.