Monday, August 8, 2011

Week Two - notes on assessment one

Booklet - will have many placed images. Don't want to place every image in - this makes it very unmanageable - link files instead.
Press files - our PDFs - this has research document as well as the 2 illustrations. Research document is A5, illustrations are A2.
When using pen tool - make sure that you find a way of doing it that expresses an interesting style, rather than simply tracing - eg, this previous UTS project.

Brushes are used a lot, don't want things to look flat, go outside lines, use gradients etc. For large blocks of text, stick with a standard, easy font. Try not to use handwritten, italic etc in large blocks - hard to read. Keep a consistent look and feel throughout.

Break paragraphs up, people like to read small areas of text. Good contrast between foreground and background.

How do you best want to showcase the artists that you're studying - page showing illustrations? Collage pictures? Keep writing clear, with maybe one picture. Try to avoid the illustration pages looking like cut and paste.

If you're doing light type on a dark background, make sure to make it bigger than you normally would.

Don't need a contents page for this document.

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