Monday, August 8, 2011

Illustrator notes

Remember - we're starting research first, let this influence the fonts and layout.
Work out how much space you need from the edges of the spine of the book - want at least 1 cm, but be generous with this. Put in margins for each artboard.

Textbox - size of interior margins.

Write up the text for our document by next week.

If document isn't set up properly - file document set up
Type everything into word FIRST - then copy paste.

Command shift 3 gives us a picture of the computer screen.
Problem with screen snapshots - low quality and small.

Put into photoshop, set as CMYK.

Go to image --> image size, - un check all the boxes - tells us how large we can make it. Save this as a jpeg, and then into your linked files.

Remember to place this - file --> place - not copy and paste. This reduces the size. Cross across the image shows that it's placed, rather than pasted.

Find a reference picture for your fashion illustrations, not drawing from scratch. Don't have to copy garment exactly, but can if you want.

Start thinking about how we want this layout to look. Find our fashion image - think about the pose - find someone you're interested in, think about how it uses the background. Remember that these are only used to sketch over - don't bother making it the right size colour etc.
Image has to be at least half to 3/4 body - can be any look, any view.

Reference layer - dimmed and locked so that we don't go over it. Create a new layer for drawing on.

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