Wednesday, May 26, 2010


With business shirt - have a copy left as a working copy.
Then, merge all the stripe layers to one - delete fabric layer.

To make your shirt look more 3D - add in shading shadows etc.
Use black lollipop - eg dodge tool.
don't make it too airbrushy - maybe 58 for hardness. This will gradually make it lighter. On dodge there is also sponge tool - sucks up colour. Burn tool does the opposite of the dodge tool - makes things appear darker - adds shadow. This is good.

Can use draw on colour, with paintbrush - but first take off original - use magic wand to select area you want to paint in, otherwise the paint will go anywhere outside the line.

To make your shirt a block colour - turn off fabric layer, got to outline, magic wand, inverse, create new layer (block colour) - put this underneath - edit -->fill - block colour underneath outline. Then burn away. This is a good way to add shadow for a pattern.

Also bear in mind - blur and smudge tool - the drop. Takes up lots of memory and speed on your computer, try to do it little by little. Sharpen makes it more pixellated. Smudge is awesome - makes it more mottled.

Flatten outline and coloured image together - this is so you can move this around, put it wherever you need. Flattens outline and rendering together. But - if you need them separate - just cut and paste front out - creates a new layer and they are all separate and lovely.

To duplicate into another file - if you click duplicate layer you have the option to duplicate it into another document. Or just cut and paste.

Use black arrow, press control - you have a menu icon - keep pressing control and press once - it tells you which layer you are on and then you can switch to that layer.

Drop shadow - important!!!!!!
Layer --> layer style --> drop shadow.
Look through these, experiment with layer styles. Multiply makes the shadow transparent.

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