Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cool your boots.

I am quite happy that this week is so very close to over - image from
I realised that I might need to be slightly more on the way to serious with the things I learnt - so a supplementary piece of knowledge.
Be super good at labelling your layers in photoshop - do a test print and remember that glossy paper is a bit ugly - make sure that you zoom out often to look at how it is at a distance. In terms of boards in general - be calm in the layout - I have a tendency to cover every surface which is a bit chaotic at times.
So hopefully that's more demonstrative of what I actually learnt - though I stand by the socks comment.


  1. I thought I would give you the satisfaction of a comment.I thought self discovery was a great thing to learn. cool your boots girl

  2. Much satisfaction was gained from that, thanks you.
    I wish I could cool my boots, but there shall be much cooling to be had in weeks to come anyway.