Friday, May 14, 2010

The learning.

The lesson you should take from this photo - stacks on are rarely a good idea. I think that broke my rib.

Ok, here is what I've learnt from this assignment -

1 - You need someone who will tell you the truth about your projects - so make sure you have someone to tell you when you are making things look a little on the shoddy side. Definitely too easy to stare at your project and not have any concept of how it looks by the end.
2 - I have learnt to love the pen tool with a passion that borders on creepy. Illegal? Debatable.
3 - Through a process of elimination I have discovered that the best photoshop clothing to work in is an enormous and warm jumper, red long socks and undies. Highly recommended.
4 - The warp tool is completely rad-core. Not to be underestimated. Also layers. Fo Shiz.
5 - This has also been an important journey of self discovery for me - I have learnt to understand myself and my aims in life. Hooray!

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