Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Graphic design - for boards

Graphic design process is interaction between each of elements - line direction shape, size, texture, value, colour. Meaningful organisation of elements.

Balance around optical centre - place where the viewers eye spends the most time - most stuff is not in the middle, but to the side. Balance can be achieved through - symmetric or asymmetric balance. Classic vs modern, edgy, younger.

Same principles as designs for clothing.

Balance positive and negative space in layout - positive - where visual information is - negative - where it isn't. Design often needs more negative than positive space. Need to "ground" things - work out some kind of relation between elements. Not just things floating on the page.
Balance colours - think about how you will relate colour palate for skirts to boards. Think about colour psychology. Colours with high chroma bleed into surrounding regions - this leads to blurring edges. Adjacent colours of low values give greater visual distance - one advances and the other recedes. You need distinct boundaries with colours to make them look good together. Blue is hard to make work - can blend into the background, is hard on the eye - do NOT use for text. Blue is for backgrounds - but not details. What a sluz.

Go crazy with heading font, but for text about DDS - plain, simple, legible.

Mood - warm colours -evoke pleasant dynamic reactions - cooler - calmer. Temperature of colours is used to indicate priorities. Colour stands out on grey.
Don't do anything on your board that will clash with your designs in any way - for both range drawings and DDS.

CONSISTENCY of mood - through everything you do. Drawings, boards, fonts. Everything.
Eliminate crap on board.
Range board (heading that describes concept and 5 skirts together as a range), 5 DDS boards(style number, scanned fabric swatches(not necessary), garment description and name for skirt - front side and back labelled, little picture of girl wearing skirt), Title page, feelers. Giggle.

In general - make it look right.

Hand in - 6 boards, feelers, concept board you chose - group it together in a cool way.

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