Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 9

And in we go - Bricolage.
Keep your eyes peeled for interesting catalogue ideas - we have 3 weeks in class to work on this.
Now we get to complex file setting up. Hooray!
But before this, think about file management - a little different to folder, but the same elements.
Assessment 3_catalogue - inside this
Template - this folder has all our templates - mostly stuff we set up in class - layouts for catalogues etc.
Today we will set up fabric feeler template. We can keep using this. Fabric Feeler file.
Catalogue File.

Within Catalogue we set up some more folders.
Linked files
Photoshop files.

In "fabric feelers" folder we also need linked and photoshopped files.
We also need a PDF folder - in the main section for finished work.

Also - another folder for research
One for Drawings - images and scans

Now we should have everything we need. So we don't loose any information.

Concept board - A3 and mounted.

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