Monday, October 11, 2010


creating a booklet
2 ways to do this - stapled, just pages folded.
when starting with the files, it's good to have something to base it off - can touch and look - fold a4 paper to make the book. How are we going to lay the pages out. How many pages? Remember that it will have to be even numbers - remember the front and back.
Front and back are the first files we make. Others are later.
When you do this as a practice number each page so you can work out how it fits together.
back/front pages
1 and 14
13 and 2
3 and 12
11 and 4
5 and 10
7 and 8 - middle pages! thus next to each other
9 and 6

Booklets - yes, it's the easiest to print. But you have to do a bit of setup. Once we have one done, this is the only one we have to do. But remember to put page numbers in.
"Pagination" - how the pages are formatted. Have to think about what it will look like on every page turn. TEST PRINT!!!! Do it.

Also - don't forget to put the bleed in AS YOU MAKE THE FILE. Add 1 mm extra in to make each of the folds. And add in fold marks so that you know where to fold - we put these in also at the start, in the bleed area.
Make sure you set each page up as a separate file so that it doesn't crash! Name the files - page 1 and 14 eg.

Now we come to the front and the back. we have the bleed and the safety line, and the fold mark. What else?
this has to fold around EVERY PAGE - so think about how much you will have to put in at the fold so that you have it covering everything properly. We want to JUST see cover. so add 3mm at the fold.

Cover - add to to 3 mm of bleed. BUT DON'T MOVE THE SAFETY LINE! Extend this at the sides. you just want to make sure everything is in your lovely booklet.
Decide on paper!

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