Monday, October 18, 2010


Hand in date - Monday the 15th of November!!!!!
Not the 8th, I mean the 15th.
But come to class, figure out presentations.

This brief goes for both Michelle and Lea.
This assessment is worth 40% of this whole subjects mark - 20 for Lea, 20 for Michelle.
Not designing fr subculture, influence for another market. Synopsis with concept board is also in catalogue.
Hand rendered or digital?
Focus on manipulations in rendering. Bring fabrics to class.
Everything drawn by hand has to be scanned and cleaned up before it goes into the catalogue.

All catalogues will be so different, have to speak to Lea.
1 collection view - garments all on the one person, making at least 2 looks.
Range drawing MUST be hand drawn, but not hand rendered.
Don't forget that a draft print has to be done.
garment descriptions for each. Garment style numbers.
No bigger than A4, no smaller than A5. It can be huge, but it has to fold down.
Don't forget, think about ways to hand this in, box, bag? It has to be pretty.
NAME on this.
Little details, make this believable.
Demonstrate an understanding of the overall topic.
DDS totally coloured in, no black and white!
Bring diary to class.
Keep the catalogue tips and tricks handy at all times.
Bring to class - there is a checklist on the back - plan a date for printing, where you will print.
mock ups every week for the next 3 weeks.
come next week with an idea.
Source paper weights and types - sheer has a tendency to melt so be careful about where you source it from. AND THINK ABOUT WHAT WILL BE ON THE NEXT PAGE! Creates depth and excitement, but is also a bit tricky.
If your printer won't do this page, you could always do it at home? But don't do an important DDS or anything at home.
Colours used in catalogue - representation of concept. Catalogue has to theme. Colour paper? Do so many test prints that your head explodes. The colours will come out incorrectly.
Fonts - no more than 2. That's all.
Don't distract from DDS with silly fonts.

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