Monday, September 6, 2010


We have everything put up on out artboard - black boundary. Put my artboard on top and we are ready to go.
Don't "Save as pdf" - will be friggin' massive, saving links in etc. You don't want this.
Printer will only print with pdf. Grr.
Can open PDF with illustrator and continue changing moving etc.

Use file--> print
Adobe postscript file is a pdf.
1 copy, all or range. This relates to artboards. Whatever we see is the one that will print.
Don't have to scale, just select fit to page, can change the orientation, all normal printing stuff.
But choose save, go into finished PDF.
Save each one separately, and we will collate at the end. Week one skirt, print--save as pdf, save in file, etc and so on.
Eventually we will have many pdf files. ALSO - we want a title page.
Then we select each of these pdf files. These need to go into one pdf - requirement for assignment.
Use adobe acrobat pro
This will combine pdf. When you open nothing happens, except it comes up as adobe.
File --> combine --> merge files into a single pdf.
Super. Drag and drop all into this window. Don't worry too much about the order, you can change them now or once the pdf is created. Move up, move down. Etc. Combine files, click, and we are all happy.
This doesn't delete files, just creates a new one. Asks you where you want to save and what you want to call it.
If you don't change it then, when you open the pdf, hover mouse and drag it etc.
If you realise that you left a page out, right click, insert page, click on this and select the one.
Can delete pages, can rotate etc.
Easiest to put page numbers in in the pdf.

Don't have to go wild with printing, just do it off the home printer.

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  1. I love you and your amazing notes in the public domain.