Monday, September 6, 2010


Presentation techniques, saving as PDF, etc. This is big.
On UTS online there is file management stuff with how to put everything onto the disk you have to hand in. Look this up.

Presentation file management - use the same file for every presentation. Copy and paste.
New folder on desktop to be template - presentation file template - 4 folders to start
Photoshop file
Linked files
Finished PDF

This is what everything has to be presented with - there is a neat little compartment for everything.
PDF - each page that you will print in presentation - folder
Library - swatch library, symbol library, brush library
Linke files - files saved for web and devices out of photoshop, also image files - anything that you will place in Illustrator goes in here, all images of garment, gif from photoshop.
Photoshop - all the rendering folders, anything that you need to save from photoshop.
Illustrator file also goes into this section.

Create new Illustrator document, save into template folder at the top - this is the working file.

Nest - actual presentation file - copy and paste each garment into a presentation file, black and white DDS and coloured DDS with photographs, week by week layout.
Every page is a different layer.
Can make a fancy background layer, keep it on and locked for everything.
Start with a new file - have to think about size and so forth. Can have 2 printable pages in one file or more.
Artboard tool, choose A4. If you want another you simply put it on top of this, choose the size.
Can do each of these artboards on the same layer.
Remember to click on button next to artboard one, copy and past whole artboard with the artwork.
Can type in a size and it creates them as you want it.
However, just se a different layer for every artwork.

LABEL front back and side. Always. Has to have headings.
Artboards done.

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