Monday, March 22, 2010


Despite the irregular sizing of these photos, which
I am a little confused by, the basic point of this is to show the magic of layering on photoshop - hooray! You'll notice with the first that I rather foolishly put the layer with the girl in it behind the background - so there's a golden rule - background at the back, children. With the next photo, everything is more or less as it should be - background, text box, dots, shadow, and then girl.

More examples of what not to do - don't ever try and do that horrible shadow thing again, and don't put that layer on top of the girl, as it only further accentuates the messy edges. So excited to know how to do proper shadows now! This one is a slightly different version, with use of the burn tool, and with the dots over the girl - it actually creates an interesting effect, so I guess it's all about what you're actuall looking to do with all the fancy photoshopping business. In essence, be good to the layers, make sure you are doing your new things to the correct layer so that you don't end up with your girl hot pink and you background grey, and play around for the various effects you want. Ta-da.

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