Monday, October 17, 2011

Photoshop brushes

Moving between photoshop and illustrator. Brusheezy - good for pattern brushes
Using a photoshop pattern nto fill a shape in illustrator - place in image from photoshop, send to back, select figure and background, and make clipping mask. This keepsw background image in the shape. PRoblem - if I hover over, you see the size of the original image - is often going to make the file very big.
Or - can do the other way around, and bring the opbject into photoshop - select vecto outline, give a low stroke weight, copy and move into photoshop - keep as smart object - this keeps the vector qualities - can scale.
Hit inverse, delete backgroun - now I can move this smart object layer without the pattern being a problem.
Photoshop brushes - can combine 2 together to add depth - more flexible than illustrator - put in booklet how to make brushes! Go into window brushes - can go and manipulate any that you like, take into brush and give it more bristles? etc change shape, change flow etc
Tips - soft brushes, fill in light first, then move to darker areas.
Use dodge and burn tool - dodge can lighten areas -can choose midtones, highlights etc - can alter strength. Burn tool does the opposite.
Can change brightness in the image with curves - this effects the whole image

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