Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feel me up... buttercup

Feelers - I can't get over this word

Get an idea of what fabrics are like
Communicate ideas through the use of tactile things
Header - very thick cardboard - this is in the same style as presentation board - needs to be pretty

1 Fabric per feeler
manipulation has to be a separate feeler
Each fabric that uses the manipulation, do one manipulation even if you're doing the same one.
Eg, pleating in blue, pleating in red etc etc
Don't need interfacing (unless it's very important to skirt design)

Button - sew onto a piece of fabric then attach to feeler
Fasteners, etc hook and eye has to also be on

Can have cardboard layer under, or have the header and the fabric alone

Use sticky tape
Pinking shears
Zig zag stitch

Fabric name
and then - info on the other side eg fibre content, care instructions

Hole punch
Stanley knife
Cutting mat - A3
Masking tape/sticky tape
Double sided tape
Ring (from UTS newsagency)

We need all information, but presentation is up to you.
If manipulation is bigger that is OK, but they all have to be the same size.

Can put the fabrics that are the same but in different colours on the same header - one big and the others gradating - then the same care instructions.

fibre content, care instructions - check assignment sheet.

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